Residence In Kapandriti


The land borders contiguous plots in west, north and east side. Whereas in the south side it borders with asphalted road of 6m width.


The plot is very sloppy, with inclination to have direction from north to south, with the north side to be much higher. This big difference in elevation offers very nice view to the south.


The two residences are joined together in order to serve the needs of one or two families.


The complex is located in the northern part of the plot, having 2400m and 18,05m distance from the lateral limits of it (allowable lateral limits15,00m). The two residences have 1m floor level difference. More specifically, the ground floor of residence A is built 1m below the ground floor level of residence B.


Regarding to the surrounding area, a big part of it is planted. Along the eastern boundary of the land, a road of 3,50m width is constructed, which follows the inclination of the land and leads to the two different outdoor parking areas, built near the entrances of the two residences.


In general, the architecture of the complex follows the spirit of the region, with lower than permitted height and also with less building

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coverage. The building complex consists of simple volumes which are perfectly adapted to the natural terrain and the large garden around it.

It has great natural lighting ventilation and also permeability to the ground floor areas.


Particular attention has been paid to the appearance of the building complex with emphasis on materials (stone, roof-tiles, wood) and the construction details, in order to blend perfectly into the environment and be a part of it.